Dihlabeng Intensifies efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19

Dihlabeng Local Municipality has taken proactive measures to protect its residents and staff members by setting up active screening desks and points at the entrances into all their buildings. As part of the municipality’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus, dedicated staff members take temperature readings of the visitors and ask them to fill in questionaire in order to better survey the virus and its path.  The country has entered seventh week since national lockdown with strict regulations that limited public gatherings, travel from high-risk countries and the sale of tobacco and alcohol products. Mayor of Dihlabeng Lindiwe Makhalema has vowed that the municipality will play its part.  

“We have undertaken to ensure that the strict compliance is adhered to in terms of the regulations established under the national state of disaster act and the guidelines set by health minister Dr Z. Mkhize to slow the spread of the pandemic”. 

Although the municipality is not currently operating with its full staff complement, Makhalema has vowed that their priority is to provide much needed essential services as regularly as humanly possible despite the irregular circumstances.

“Our men and women have put boots on the ground and all hands are on deck as they work tirelessly to ensure that service delivery remains unhindered and constantly provided. Our staff members are readily available to receive payments of rates and taxes or take complaints related to municipal activities and have them resolved in a timely fashion”

After President Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown to combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in South Africa, the  municipality and the Council took established an early response team that will implement detailed and specific measures to overcome the crisis. The Joint Operations Command Centre’s main task is to curtail the inevitable march of the disease and win the battle to save lives. “We have a team of delegates which forms part of a joint committee which convenes on a daily basis with other vital government stakeholders and organs, in response to the many challenges which may exist as a result of the outbreak and formulate plans to take this invincible enemy that is the Covid-19 head on”. said Makhalema

The team comprise of all relevant stakeholders from various government departments. It includes the police, traffic department, the military, department of health, SASSA, department of social development, correctional services and the municipality.

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